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Two Tattoo Artists Working On The Same Tattoo

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Collaboration Tattoo! This client was so lucky to have TWO amazing artists working to design and tattoo an entire leg sleeve.

Just imagine getting your tattoo finished in half the time it would take for one artist to complete it! To book a collaboration tattoo for a full back piece, chest piece, or leg sleeve email and request a collaboration! Tim specializes in heavy black illustrative ink and Fain specializes in neo trad and color. If you are looking for a leg sleeve with a combo of the two, then you just found us!

Meet Tim Lease and Fain Douleur:

You can also watch and share the video on youtube HERE

To book your own collaboration session just email us at and make sure to ask for a Tim and Fain collaboration!

If you are interested in a full leg sleeve or front/back body suit please check out these two amazing artists!

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