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Are you  16-18 years old, or booking an appointment for someone 16-18 years old?  We take tattooing and piercing minors very seriously!  Please see all the forms and information that you will need below before booking your appointment.

Forms and Laws

Step One: Consultation

Having a consultation with your tattoo artist or piercer is required if you are 16-18 years old.  We require that your legal guardian is present at the time of consultation, and prefer that you consult in person but zoom consults are acceptable.  You cannot consult by phone or email only for a minor to get tattooed or pierced at Golden Tarot Ink Club.   To get this started, please find your favorite artist on our website and book a free consult with them!

Not all of our tattoo artists will tattoo a minor age 16-18.  Here is a list of the tattoo artists that are available for minors:

Tim Lease

Colin Orion

Fain Douleur

Beef Tattoos

Alisa Kislych

Lorynn Youmans

Step 2: Notarized Form

A legal guardian must fill out a notarized form, bring 2 valid ID's (one for the minor and one for guardian, and be present at the appointment at all times:

Please print and bring a notarized form on the day of your appointment, and you must bring 2 valid ID's.  One ID belonging to the minor age 16-18 and one ID belonging to the legal guardian.  

You can get your form notarized by your bank or a local notary, but we do not notarize these at the tattoo shop.  If you come to a scheduled appointment without the notarized form you will lose your appointment and deposit for that appointment.


Step 3: Rules and Laws

1. We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 16 years old.

2. We will not do any tongue, nipple, or genital piercings on anyone under the age of 18.

3. Minors have to be fully clothed at all times in the studio.  No sternum, chest, torso, back, or pelvic tattoos.

3. The minor child is accompanied by his or her parent or legal guardian during the whole tattoo or piercing.  You cannot drop them off and leave! 

4. The minor child and his or her parent or legal guardian each submit proof of his or her identity by producing a government-issued photo identification.

5. The parent or legal guardian submits his or her written notarized consent in the format prescribed by the department

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