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what your tarot card says about your next tattoo:

The Sun Tarot Card Tattoo

Meaning: The Sun card means that your life is really good right now.  The sun is shining on you and life is simple, relationships are blossoming, you feel loved, and others love being near you. There is a lot of joy and happiness coming to you.

Keywords: Joy. Success. Celebration.

Tattoo Elements: Good feelings. The Sun. Humor. Summer. 

This is a great tattoo to celebrate something you love or something that is going really well for you right now.  Maybe it's a child, a pet, a sports team you love, a band, or a movie.  Whatever brings you joy.

What your Tattoo means: Seeing this card and tattoo everyday will remind you that you have deserved your confidence, and others are drawn to you for your beautiful warmth and joy you have and spread. 


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