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'Til Death Tattoos

Meet Emily and Justin, the stars of a love story that's as delightful as it is unique! On Feb 23rd, 2024 this couple got married at the 'Til Death Chapel, exchanging vows that echoed their vibrant personalities. From their very first date of hopping from bar to bar and sharing tater tots, to commemorating their love with quirky tattoos, every moment was honored and filled with joy and laughter.

After getting married next door, the couple traveled over to our tattoo shop for some wedding day ink. Tim Lease was the mastermind behind their one-of-a-kind tater tot tattoos! Emily's tattoo features Justin's charming facial hair, while Justin's tattoo captures Emily's adorable glasses. It's a testament to their playful spirits and boundless love. They are so fun and wild, and just scream this couple's personality.

Instead of cutting a wedding cake, the couple shared tater tots from next door at Load in Philly cheesesteaks in our plaza. Because in their world, love is celebrated with laughter, adventure, and a side of golden deliciousness.

At Golden Tarot Ink Club, we're honored to be part of this whimsical journey. We take pride in supporting couples as they embark on their next chapter, and we adore seeing the creative twists they bring to their wedding day tattoos!

Our beloved photographer, Amy Edwards, owns The Tattooed Bride Photography and the 'Til Death Chapel right next door to us. With a passion for capturing love in its purest form, Amy has been on a mission to provide couples with photography and venues that embrace their true selves.

From weddings to elopements, and engagements to boudoir shoots, The Tattooed Bride is your one-stop-shop for all things love and magic. ✨ Dive into a world where every moment is cherished and every memory is treasured: The Tattooed Bride Photography

And oh, let's not forget the enchanting 'Til Death Chapel! 🎉 With its quaint charm and romantic allure, it sets the stage for unforgettable unions and timeless vows. Step into a realm where love knows no bounds: The 'Til Death Chapel

So here's to love that knows no bounds, to moments that take our breath away, and to forever adventures with The Tattooed Bride and 'Til Death Chapel. 💕 Let your love story unfold in the most magical way possible!

The Tattooed Bride Photography:

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