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what your tarot card says about your next tattoo:

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Your devil cards represents your primal source of behavior that shows itself in the form of your desires or earthly needs.  It also represents our fears. Make a list of all the things you want to change or get rid of and embark on a journey of self improvement.  May this tattoo give you strength to break your chains.

Keywords: Self-improvemtn, Bad habits, Addictions, Excess, Materialism, Playfulness

Tattoo Elements: Breaking chains. The devil as Baphoment (half goat, half man, batwings, and inverted pentagram on forehead. A woman with horns and grapes on her tail or a man with horns and fire for a tail to depict the more time they spend with the devil the more like him they become consumed with power and finer things. 

May this tattoo remind you always of the moment you became self-aware and broke the chains that bound you to addiction and bad habits.  Breaking chains and making painful adjustments and choices will in the end lead you to finding your true self. 


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