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what your tarot card says about your next tattoo:

The Fool Tarot Card Golden Tarot Ink Clu

You should get a tattoo that represents a new beginning and faith in your future. You're going through an exciting change not knowing what to expect!


Keywords: Beginnings, anticipation, wonder, optimism, adventure, and awe. 

Elements for your tattoo: Ships, Compass, Landscapes, passports, modes of transportation (airplanes, suitcases, etc). Something from a book or movie that represents an adventure to books and film often take us on adventures we would like to have the courage to one day go on ourselves.


The fool is there to remind us every day is a new adventure and we can only greet the unknown with childish joy.  If you chose this card, let your artist go wild and design a tattoo for you that they feel you will love.  


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