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what your tarot card says about your next tattoo:

The Hanged Man Tarot Tattoo

The hanged man represents being temporarily suspended.  Life is on hold, but it is necessary and serves a purpose in order to progress forward. If you receive this card you may be making a decision and need to wait until you are absolutely certain or wait for the proper opportunity for success. 


Keywords: Sacrifice, Waiting.

Tattoo Elements: Tell your artist what you are suspended on and let them take a custom approach to drawing your hanged man.  The hanged man (or woman) is upside down by one leg by their own free will.  They have a halo of patience and appear to be at ease. A bird hanging from a branch would be a good depiction. 

This tattoo is a reminder that the time you spend suspended is not wasted.  It does it's part in moving forward.  



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