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what your tarot card says about your next tattoo:

Golden Tarot Ink Club

You should get a tattoo that represents your greatest burning desire.


Keywords: Determined, Resourceful, Strong powerfuL, Dexterity, Skilled

Elements for your tattoo: Magic. Ships, Compass, Landscapes, passports, modes of transportation (airplanes, suitcases, etc). Something from a book or movie that represents an adventure to books and film often take us on adventures we would like to have the courage to one day go on ourselves.


The Magician is the representation of pure willpower. With the power of the elements and the suits, he takes the potential innate in the fool and molds it into being with the power of desire. He is the connecting force between heaven and earth, for he understands the meaning behind the words "as above so below" - that mind and world are only reflections of one another. Remember that you are powerful, create your inner world, and the outer will follow.


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