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Finding the perfect artist for you

Choosing your tattoo artist at Golden Tarot Ink Club is like picking your own superhero—each artist has their own unique powers, and you get to decide which lucky artist is going to turn your skin into a canvas of epic art.  Our artists do everything from sleek geometric designs to vibrant, anime-inspired masterpieces and everyone has their own unique style.  It's not just about who can tattoo the coolest dragon (although that's a big deal); it's also about who gets your vibe. You check out video interviews of the artists, discovering who's into sci-fi, who's all about old-school rock 'n' roll, and who's secretly a fan of vintage horror movies. By the end of it, you've not only found an artist who can bring your tattoo dreams to life but also someone who's got the same playlist and movie recommendations as you. 


At Golden Tarot Ink Club, getting a tattoo isn't just an appointment—it's an experience!

Golden Tarot Ink Club Tattoo Studio Winter Park Florida

Meet The Team

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