So you're ready for your first tattoo or maybe your 20th? We can help with both.  Follow the steps below to get started: 


1. Choose your artist.  Tim Lease and Julian Maceac are the two resident artists here.  Occasionally we will have a guest artist here visiting from Europe or other parts of the USA.  Check out their artwork for each artist first.


2. Can't decide what artist is right for you? Fill out our contact form with details on the style and kind of tattoo you want and we will find the right artist.



3.  Now it's time to make the appointment. You have two options for your appointment.  Option 1, you can make a consultation appointment to come in and meet your artist before you get tattooed.  The artist will take photos of your skin and discuss your design.  Option 2, if you know what you want without scheduling a consultation you can just come right in.  Just go ahead and make an appointment with the artist that you've chosen. 



4.  Aftercare: All of our tattoos come with free aftercare.  There is no need to buy anything before or after coming into the shop.  We use a medical clear bandage called Saniderm, and this stuff is AMAZING! We do not recommend using anything other than what we give goop, no lotion, so plastic wrap, or trashbags taped to your skin.  We spent a lot of time making your art, and are equally as invested in it's healing as you are!  Your tattoo is an open wound and needs to be cared for with only this after your session.  Your artist will put the Saniderm on you and instruct you on when it's ok to take it off.  Curious?



5. You did it! You know are a part of a community of amazing tattooed people! Now repeat steps 1-4 and...



Thank you for choosing us! 



Shop info

Open Every day 12pm-9pm for consultations and walk-ins and open later on the weekends pending appointments. Sundays are appointments only. Closed major Holidays. 


For tattoo session appointments please see booking calendar for Artist.  Each artist has a different schedule. 

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