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FIRST TATTOO OR 20th? We can help with both...

Just follow the steps below to get started: 



1. Step one is to choose your artist.  You can choose your artist before you even decide on exactly what you want tattooed!  Each of our resident artists have their own specialties and will create the best tattoo for you within their niche!  Occasionally we will have a guest artist here visiting from Europe or other parts of the USA that we will announce on our IG story upon their arrival.

Color Artists: 

Click here to see Fain Douleur Tattoos- Specialty is Neo Traditional full Color face portraits and occult work.  She also can do full bold black and gray shading. 

Click here to see Marc Redd Tattoos - Specialty is very bold American traditional and Horror

Click here to see Lorynn Youmans Tattoos - Specialty is whimsical illustrative color.  She also does black and gray shading.  

Black and Grey Artists: 

Click here to see Tim Lease Tattoos- Studio Owner! Specialty is black and grey illustrative and precise fine lines. 

Click here to see Alisa Kislych Tattoos- Tim Lease's first apprentice: Specialty is flora and fauna illustrative black and grey with some color highlights. Very similar to Tim Lease's style! 

Click here to see Beef Tattoos- Tim Lease's second apprentice: Specialty is bold traditional with bold color shading. 

Click here to see Colin Orion Tattoos- 14 years of experience.  Specialty is black and grey portraits and realism. 

Can't decide what artist is right for you? Fill out our contact form with details on the style and kind of tattoo you want and we will find the right artist.




3.  Now that you know your artist's name, it's time to make the appointment. You have two options for your appointment:

Option 1 - You can schedule a free consultation to come in and meet your artist before you get tattooed.  The artist will take photos of your skin and discuss your design.  

Option 2 - If you know what you want without scheduling a consultation you can go straight to booking your session by clicking on the number of hours you want (If you are unsure of how many hours to book with your artist, it's best to have the consult first).  Just go ahead and make an appointment with the artist that you've chosen for either the consultation or session! 


4.  Aftercare: All of our tattoos come with free aftercare.  There is no need to buy anything before or after coming into the shop.  We use a medical clear bandage called Saniderm, and this stuff is AMAZING! We do not recommend using anything other than what we give goop, no lotion, no plastic wrap, or plastic wrap taped to your skin.  We spent a lot of time making your art, and are equally as invested in it's healing as you are!  Your tattoo is an open wound and needs to be cared for with only this after your session.  Your artist will put the Saniderm on you and instruct you on when it's ok to take it off.  Curious?




5. You did it! You know are a part of a community of amazing tattooed people! Now repeat steps 1-4 and...



Thank you for choosing us and for voting for us to be the BEST TATTOO SHOP in Orlando for 2022! 


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