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Veterinary Tattoos

Golden Tarot Ink Club partnered with Modern Animal at the World's largest Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) from January 13-18th, 2023 at the Orlando Convention Center to do over 50+ tattoos on veterinary professionals from around the world!

So why is a veterinary company partnering with a tattoo shop? Good question!.....
Tattoos are a huge part of veterinary culture, and Modern Animal has developed a reputation for celebrating it with a series of tattoo events. Modern Animal is reimagining veterinary care from the ground up, and they embrace and celebrate tattoo culture among their staff.

Veterinary tattoo booth at vmx expo


All of the staff at Golden Tarot Ink Club cherish our pets, and we love to get in involved in any pet events that we can to support and give back to this community. We love and applaud Modern Animal for what they are doing for their staff, clients, and animals! They currently have locations in LA, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, and as they are quickly growing we just hope to see them in Florida as well. Their clinics are warm and welcoming, and just unlike any other veterinary office we've ever seen.



In the course of 4 days Golden Tarot Ink Club did over 50 tattoos for veterinary professionals from all over the world at VMX 2023! The tattoo booth was the most popular booth at the expo by far, and the line to get in wrapped around the expo!

veterinary tattoo.  #vmx2023expo #vmx2023
Did you get a tattoo at the #VMX2023 convention? If so, leave it in the comments below!

Veterinary Clinic: Modern Animal, locations nationwide

Convention: VMX2023, Orlando Florida

Tattoo Artist: Tim Lease Tattoos, Orlando FL

Tattoo Studio: Golden Tarot Ink Club, Winter Park FL

Photographer: The Tattooed Bride Photography, Orlando Florida

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