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Tattoos And Tarot Cards 2020

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It's finally October, and we kicked Oct 1st off with some Halloween fun by hosting our annual Tattoos and Tarot Cards Event. October 1st was the first full moon of October, and you can catch the second "blue moon" on Halloween this year!

For $150 per ticket each client received a flash tattoo and "The Moon" tarot card t-shirt or a tattoo of anything they wanted! Check out some of the Halloween and Moon themed tattoos that were done!


Tim Lease and Tim Lease?

Our staff dressed up as usual for the event, and Little Fang Tattoos roasted her co-worker Tim Lease Tattoos by dressing up as him all day lol!

Tim's reaction to seeing what he really looks like


Our Staff Costumes

Tim Lease Tattoos as Homelander from Amazon Prime's series "The Boys"

Little Fang Tattoos as Tim Lease Tattoos

Alisa Kislych as a cutest little scarecrow

Julian Maceac as 1920's gangster

The Tattooed Bride Photography, Amy Edwards, and our front desk assistants: Kaitlyn Barbato and Anthony Barbato as PSL Mario and Luigi and White Claw

Special thanks to Jess who read tarot cards all day long for clients in our new seating area outside!




Check out our next event (and last event of 2020): Friday the 13th 2020!

$113 business card size or smaller of anything you want! 

Choose your artist and time slot and Register and get your tickets HERE!

Happy Halloween!

*Due to Covid all guests were required to wear a mask and no more than 4 guests were allowed to be tattooed each hour in the shop. This means we were unable to do as many tattoos as last year, but next year we will be able to accommodate more clients and to do even more tattoos!* If you did not get a spot this year, please make sure to subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media for your spot next year!

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