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Cattoo Day 2021 - 25 Kittens/cats adopted and 34 cattoos done to raise $4000 for the shelter!

Updated: Jun 29

What an amazing turnout and successful 2021 Cattoo Day!

About The Event

What an amazing turnout and successful 2021 Cattoo Day! This is a yearly event here at the tattoos shop in Winter Park Florida. The owners of Golden Tarot Ink Club adopted 2 twin black kittens 5 years ago from the Orange County Animal Shelter, and they have 6 cats at home. To give back and celebrate there is a really fun event thrown every year at the tattoo shop called Cattoo Day! They have kittens/cats for adoption from the shelter and do small cattoos all day long to raise money for the shelter and kitten foster program.

3rd Annual 2021 Cattoo Day:

Time & Location

Caturday, Jun 26, 2021 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM Golden Tarot Ink Club, 3784 Howell Branch Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792, USA

CAT ADOPTION: 24 kittens and one very lucky full grown adult cat was adopted this year for a total of 25 kitties that found their forever homes!!!! Every June is national adopt a cat month, and it's also KITTEN season. There are so many kittens and cats that need to get out of the shelter before it's too late for them, and out of foster care to make room for the new kittens that are coming into those homes. Look at all of the happy families:

If you are interested in this next year, then please subscribe to our website and look out for 2022 details on how to attend and adopt a cat. You don't have to wait a whole year though, and you can head over to the orange county animal shelter right now to adopt a very sweet furbaby. They are located right across the street from the Millenia Mall in Orlando. How much is it? $20 adoption fees for one kitten and they are bogo if you get two ($20 covers and includes are all vaccinations, health exam, and spay/nuetur which can be hundreds of dollars at a vet). The adoption fees, and donations to the charities today help them stay in business and save lives! Please go stop by and consider giving a sweet kitty a home, and if you are wondering which kitten to pick...they are ALL the best and any kitten or cat you pick will be the perfect one for you!

A big thank you to Winter Park Kids Martial Arts - Orlando Taekwondo And Kung Fu - Winter Park, Florida for letting us keep the kittens and cats inside their plaza space for the event. We cannot thank them enough for letting us use their huge space, as many of our kittens are too tiny to be outside in any FL heat! You can check them out at to see a live performance from the lion team, or to sign your kids up for classes!

RAFFLES: Free cat tattoo portrait valued at $900 by the owner, Timothy Lease , and other prizes were raffled! Check out the winners announced here: