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Friday 13th Tattoos in Orlando Florida

It's only bad luck if you don't book a ticket online!

Have you ever waited in line all day long for 8 hours to get a tiny tattoo from an artist that is completely worn out physically and mentally? We don't do that here at our our studio for any events, and especially not for Friday 13th!

All tattoos and piercings are booked ONLINE in ADVANCE before any of our events. This ensures that you are going to get a spot, you won't have to wait, and your artist isn't going to be completely exhausted and worn out. A lot of shops still do first come/first serve walk-in tattoos, and have their artists tattooing 20-30 tattoos a day until they are absolutely spent. We don't believe that is a good experience for either the client or tattoo artist, and we want to take care of you guys.

SO, if you would like to come to any of our future Friday the 13th events or any specials, just subscribe to our website and follow our social media so you get notifications of when these go on sale. Tickets typically go on sale one month in advance before any event and they can sell out in minutes when we post the tickets. We have special edition tshirts to every event we do. Collect them all!

Our next event for 2021 will be, TATTOOS AND TAROT CARDS, on Oct 30th! We will have a costume party and tarot card reader as well as tons of special tattoo flash and piercing deals.

Subscribe to our website HERE

Big thanks to our apprentice ( for drawing the flash! Also a big thank you to our tshirt printing company, I know a guys tshirts, for printing our shirts and stickers for us. Also a big thanks to, Flora Cookies and Cakery, for the awesome Friday the 13th cookies!

Don't miss our next event!!!!! Subscribe to our website HERE

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