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Get a Tat + Adopt a Cat! Celebrating the 6th Annual Cattoo Day: A Pawsitively Purrfect Event!

T-Shirt Design by The Tattooed Bride Photography

This year's 6th Annual Cattoo Day was nothing short of magical! Hosted by the fantastic folks at Golden Tarot Ink Club and 'Til Death Chapel in Winter Park, Florida, this event has become a beloved tradition. Founders Amy Edwards and Tim Lease have been pouring their hearts into this event for six years now, and it shows in every detail.

Cattoo Day is all about combining the love of cats with the art of tattoos, all for a fantastic cause. Attendees purchased tickets for flash cat tattoos, and every single penny raised from the tattoos was donated to the Orange County Animal Shelter. This year, the tattoo artists, with their big hearts and incredible talent, worked tirelessly for charity all day long. It's not just the artists who make this event special; many volunteers come together to create something truly amazing.

Inside the cool, air-conditioned 'Til Death Chapel, next door to the tattoo shop, adorable kittens and a few adult cats awaited their forever homes. Guests had the opportunity to adopt these furry friends on the spot. We're thrilled to report that 29 cats found their forever homes this year! Among these, a bonded mother cat and her baby were adopted together, ensuring they’ll stay together forever. Many kittens also went to their new homes in pairs, which we love because it means they'll always have a buddy to play with.

The kittens and cats at the event were all brought by volunteers from the Orange County Animal Shelter and had been living in foster homes until they were adopted at Cattoo Day. This means these cats never had to experience the shelter environment while waiting for a home. The dedication of the foster parents, who spent countless nights bottle-feeding and caring for these babies, is truly heartwarming. All the cats adopted were spayed or neutered, microchipped, and came with a health certificate.

A highlight of the day was the announcement that an anonymous donor covered all the adoption fees for every cat and kitten at the event. We kept this as a surprise, and it was a joy to see the excitement on the faces of the new pet parents when they found out. Thanks to this generosity, each new pet parent can now spend more on treats and toys for their new furry family member!

A very special moment was when one of our tattoo artists, Jess Nyx from Golden Tarot Ink Club, adopted a kitten. Welcome to the family, little one! In fact, everyone at Golden Tarot Ink Club and 'Til Death Chapel owns at least one cat, making this event even more special for us.

New pet parents also had the option to have a professional photo taken with their new cat or kitten by The Tattooed Bride Photography. If you're one of the lucky new parents, you can download your pet photo for free here: Cattoo Day 2024 Adoption Photos.

In total, Golden Tarot Ink Club donated a whopping $7,000 to Orange County Animal Services! This incredible donation will go a long way in helping more animals in need.

Cattoo Day continues to be a highlight of our year, and we can't wait to see you all again next year for more tattoos, more adoptions, and more love. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a success!

Photography by @thetattooedbride

Download your cat adoption photos from The Tattooed Bride Photography here:


Special Thanks to volunteers:

OCAS Foster Care

Fain Douleur- Tattoo Artist

Jess Nyx + Baron -Tattoo Artist and Volunteer

Bobby Bones- Tattoo Artist

Aiko Stubbs - Tattoo Artist

Erik Mares - Tattoo Artist

Stevo - Volunteer

John Devita - Volunteer

Bethany + Brad - Volunteers

Jackie W. - VERY Generous Donation!

Michelle + Lizzie - Volunteers

Brandie - Volunteers

Adam and Whitney from Prometheus for your generous donation!

Selena- OCAS volunteer

Tim Lease- Owner of Golden Tarot Ink Club

Amy Edwards- Owner of 'Til Death Chapel and The Tattooed Bride Photography





Tattoo Flash Copyright- all tattoo flash copyright by Golden Tarot Ink Club

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