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Cattoo Day 2023

What a wonderful Cattoo Day!

This year Golden Tarot Ink Club hosted our 5th annual Cattoo Day on May 28th, 2023. All 25 of the cats and kittens that attended were adopted and we donated $5000 to Orange County Animal Services.

Just look at these kitties that found forever homes.

You can download your adoption photo here in high res or web from The Tattooed Bride Photography:


Teighlor Johnson made the cutest chainstitch embroidery for everyone that adopted a kitten or cat! Check out more from them on IG @teighlormadeco and


All of our tattoo artists did small cat tattoos, and the funds are all being donated to Orange County Animal Services. We raised and donated $5000 this year to OCAS!


We couldn't do Cattoo Day without our amazing volunteers, tattoo artists, and clients. Thank you to everyone for your support and we will see you next year at our 6th annual Cattoo Day!

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