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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Each year we host our annual Cattoo Day, and June 4th 2022 was the 4th year for this event. If you aren't familiar with our "Cattoo Day" , it's a day where we have adoptable kittens that have been in foster care and are ready for a home and we raise money to support these efforts by doing small cat tattoos (cattoos) and donating all of the funds!

We are so proud to announce that 48 kittens got adopted at our tattoo shop, Golden Tarot Ink Club, and we raised money to donate to Orange County Animal Services and Southon Rescue by doing small cattoos! That's so many kittens that found their forever homes this year, and we could not be happier!

Cattoo Day 2022
Some of the funds raised will be donated to help this little adopted kitten to get her much needed eye surgery


Just look at all of the babies that found their new families! If you were on of the lucky ones to adopt, you can view your free photo below and download your free full high resolution photos to print and save by heading over to The Tattooed Bride Photography's album page with this link here:

Every single kitten and found a home that came to our event except for two mother cats, but their babies all got adopted! You can help to make it 50 by contacting orange county animal services and adopting the only two mama cats that did not go home:

Starla A492480- she is a persian mix and so sweet

Medusa A493771- she is leash trained and very small


We could not have done Cattoo day without all of our amazing tattoo artists that volunteer their talents, and our many volunteers and foster parents! You are all doing so much good in a world that needs this!


If you want to get a Cattoo at next year's 2023 event, make sure you are subscribing to our website so you will get our news of when the event goes live. We sold out in 4 minutes this year, and it's a very popular event!

You can also contribute to help kittens and cats in need by becoming a foster parent for OCAS yourself, and maybe we'll see you and your kitten crew next year at our event.


Thank you so much for coming out to our event! We can't wait to see you next year!

-Tim Lease & Amy Edwards (Cattoo Day hosts and cat parents!)

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