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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We hosted our first ever Cattoo Day on June 30th, and it was amazing! Thank you everyone who came to get cat tats, adopted, and purchased raffle tickets or donated! It was H-O-T outside during our event, and we sincerely thank you guys for staying so positive and having fun while we worked late into the night to make sure that everyone who came and wanted a cattoo left with one. You truly made this event possible, and we would love to do it again next Spring if you are down to come back!

You all are amazing and with your help 15 kittens were adopted and are sleeping snug as a bug right now in their very own forever homes. That's amazing! With your help we also raised and donated 3,000 dollars to Orange County Animal Services that will save so so many more sweet kittens and cats!!! That's even more amazing!!!

You're just the best! Look at just some of the kittens you saved below:

Thank you again so much!

-Golden Tarot Ink Club Family

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