5 Vegan Places in Orlando To Order Uber Eats From

Not only are your tattoo artists here at Golden Tarot Ink Club using vegan friendly inks and supplies, but they also are eating at all of the best vegan places in Orlando!

Tattoo artist order out and eat out every single day, even if they don't plan to. That's the life style. Our table in our shop is constantly covered with food, sauce packets, and there is a daily rotation of uber eats coming to the shop. When one person orders food, everyone gets food! Almost everyone at the shop has converted to eating vegan or pescatarian because this shitt is just good. Here are our favorite Vegan places to eat in Orlando that we eat at on a weekly rotation.

#1: Legumanti

Favorite Menu Item to get is the Sloppy Crunch- Vegan beef crumbles, sloppy joe sauce, vegan queso, tostada, rice paper bacun, fried onions, jalapenos, all wrapped up in a crispy four tortilla

#2: Bento Winter Park

Favorite Menu item to get is the Fried Avo -panko-fried avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo

#3 Valhalla

Favorite Menu Item to get are the S'mores Bar- everyone get your own bc these are not for sharing

#4 Market on South

Favorite Menu Item to Order DFC Bowl - Dharma fried Chick'n served over garlic rosemary mashed taters, sweet corn, and mac n' cheese

#5 Winter Park Biscuit Company