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Alisa Kislych's Books are currently closed

Book In Person or Zoom Consult-

Alisa’s books are currently closed and are estimated to open again during in a few months for free consultations. 

When Alisa's books open we will announce and post her consultation sign up here.  During your free consultation if your project is selected by Alisa you will then be given the opportunity to secure a tattoo appointment date.  Consultations will be in person at the studio and by zoom only, and we will send an email out to everyone notifying them of when they open.  Please make sure that you are subscribed to us here to get that notification: 

We appreciate you waiting for Alisa's books to open, but If you would like to consult with other artists at the tattoo shop then we do have artists with books that are open right now.  You can select any artist from our website to book a free consultation with, or we highly recommend booking a free consult with Alisa’s teacher and mentor, Tim Lease, so that he may recommend the right artist for you at our studio:

  1. Free in person consult with Tim Lease: 

  2. Free online Zoom consult with Tim Lease: 

Closing Alisa's books just ensures that her current appointments are being prioritized and completed in a timely manner! You can follow her on Instagram (@alisa.inks) or check back here for updates regarding her booking process.


For any questions please email us at  

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